Prospective Members

Are you interested in joining something that will change the rest of your life? Alpha Epsilon Pi offers a wide variety of irreplaceable and unforgettable experiences to its members.


We are a closely woven brotherhood of men who will always be there to help and support each other. While every brother has unique qualities and features, the one thing that brings us all together are the similar values and experiences that every brother holds dear. This allows us to form our strong, lifelong brotherhood.


As a chapter, we are very involved in both the RIT and Rochester community. We plan and host a number of events throughout the year to benefit the people around us. For one of our most popular events in the fall, Teeter Totter, we use a large scale see-saw and raise money to go to various causes such as Heroes to Heroes, the American Cancer Society, and Special Olympics. We also hold several can drives throughout the year where all food raised is donated to the local food pantry. Though these are just a few examples of our community work, we pride ourselves on getting involved in the community.


Being a member of our organization exposes you to several leadership opportunities. Upon taking a position, our members are involved in leadership training that carries with them for the rest of their lives. There are many opportunities that will expose you to anything from making the big decisions to planning and running events. These skills are beneficial not only for us, but for future employers as well. Members of our organization have also served on the executive boards of other clubs and organizations here on campus and have held office in student government.


Academics are our number one priority. We’re all at school to get an education and nothing should get in the way of that. Our chapter has an Academic Advisor who is willing and able to help all members with their academics, or guide them to the appropriate resources for academic help. It is common for younger brothers in the house to ask older brothers for help and advice in their courses. We work closely with the Academic Support Center on campus to provide our members with seminars and educational sessions that will help them throughout their college career. We also host public study hours at our house and have a number of tutors provided by the Academic Support Center to help students with their work.


By joining any fraternity, you are opening several channels of networking. The big difference between other fraternities and us, is that we keep in close contact with a large portion of our alumni who often seek brothers for employment opportunities at various companies. May of our members have found Co-ops and even full-time employment through our alumni. Not only could you become a brother of alumni from our chapter, but you would be a joining a network of brothers from all over the country. Some of AEPi’s famous alumni include Mark Zuckerberg, Wolf Blitzer, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.


We are a social fraternity, and as such promote a healthy environment for members to enjoy the social aspect of college. We have various events with other organizations and chapters on campus.


Alpha Epsilon Pi is not a religious organization. Many of our members aren’t Jewish, However, Our basic purpose is to provide the opportunity for a Jewish man to be able to join a Jewish organization whose purpose is not specifically religious, but rather social and cultural in nature.

If you are interested in rushing our fraternity, please Contact Us.