Rush the best Fraternity on campus!

Sunday 9/25 – Come meet the brothers and enjoy some free food followed by Drive In Movie night on a big ass screen!

Monday 9/26- Information night followed by some Pizza and Wings and some Monday Night Football.

Tuesday 9/27- Game night! Cards, Poker, Pool, monopoly, Darts, you name it.

Wednesday 9/28- Afternoon event- Come chill at the house for some Hookah, Sports, and Girls!

Thursday 9/29- Dodgeball at the SLC and then head over to our Ready Set Rage DJ Dance party in Global Village!.

Friday 9/30- Night out with the boys.

Saturday 10/1- Barbeque and another night out on the town.

Sunday 10/2- Smoker’s Dinner. Invite Only



The AEPi Mansion is located at 612 Charters Way. (Right up the stairs from the global village quad)